Show: Drive-Time
(Monday to Friday: 3pm to 6pm UK)

Radio Broadcaster, Television Presenter, Actor, Scriptwriter, Producer, Event Organiser and arguably one of the most famous women of UK Ethnic Media, Sarita has become an iconic representative of women in media. She is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in radio & TV since the launch of the first Asian radio, Sunrise Radio, in 1989 & TV ASIA on SKY in 1991.

Drive-time music and chit-chat with SARITA SABHARWAL in a show full of entertainment!


Facebook: SaritaSabharwalOfficial

Youtube: Sarita Sabharwal

Instagram: Sarita_Sabharwal

Twitter: SaritaSabharwal


Show: Bollywood Balified
(Monday to Friday: 12pm to 3pm UK)

Born in Kenya and settled in UK, having made the international hit song “Patel Rap” with Kuljit Bhamra, Bali ventured into Bollywood and achieved success as playback singer of chartbusters “Lena Hai Lena Hai,” “Amma Dekh,” “Amchi Mumbai,” “Ussne Bola Kem Chhe,” “Gabbar Mix,” etc. with 14 albums to his credit. Fluent in 6 languages, Bali is still active in singing and as a radio presenter in London.

Bali Brahmbhatt takes you on an epic journey through Bollywood archives, showcasing his knowledge of music and films from behind the scenes!!

Amplified, Magnified, in short, BOLLYWOOD BALIFIED!!!


Show: Chai Garam
(Breakfast Show: Sunday 7am to 10am UK)

Radio presenter, storyteller, poet, anchor/MC, Hindi newsreader, interviewer, blogger, entertainment journalist, actor. A crazy person following her passion and dream, Ashwini started radio presenting in 2015 working with leading community and commercial radios in London. She has television presenting experience as an anchor and newsreader too, and is growing in the entertainment industry.

Ashwini brings you an entertaining and music-filled, interactive show.

Facebook: RJ Ashwini

YouTube: RJ Ashwini

Instagram: RadiowaliAshwini

Twitter: RadiowaliAshwini


Show: Tarannum
(Monday to Friday: 6pm to 9pm UK)

Professionally qualified in business management with many years of work experience, Saadia has lived and travelled the world over. Having always loved music and movies, she seized the opportunity to become a broadcaster along with pursuing her career. Saadia has produced and presented a large variety of shows live on Asian Star Radio (Slough) and Dilse Radio (Lycamobile Group) for several years.

Tune in to “Tarannum” with Saadia for a musical journey through Bollywood along with your favourite Lollywood classics, ghazals and much more…

Facebook: Saadia2021

Instagram: SaadiaOnAir

Twitter: SaadiaOnAir


Show: Rock Rebellion
(Saturday: 6pm to 9pm UK)

Music, TV and Film producer with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Even though Rowdy loves music in any and every form as long as it is in tune and tempo and has produced music in various genres, his first love was, and still is, Rock Music. Unfortunately, in the South Asian music scene, rock music has always been neglected or outright ignored, even though some of the greatest and well-renowned South Asian music directors were influenced by it. To this day, rockers in both India and Pakistan continue to produce awesome rock tunes and Rowdy’s show, ‘Rock Rebellion,’ is dedicated to that awesomeness.

Click HERE for more information on ROWDY


Show: Jee Ayan Nu
(Saturday & Sunday: 6pm to 9pm UK)

Sukhvir Sodhi is a seasoned TV/Radio presenter who has established himself as a known figure in the Punjabi community in UK. Before stepping into the world of presenting, Sukhvir was known for his Bhangra dancing and teaching under the title of “Baharan Punjab Diyan.” He has performed all over the world and has appeared in many British and Bollywood blockbusters as a Bhangra Dancer.

Sukhvir has presented several Punjabi talk shows on various TV and Radio channels. His latest show on Southall TV was called “Jee Ayan Nu”, which he now brings to Dhoom Radio.

A fun-filled Punjabi music show with a lot of entertainment.


Show: Music Magic Masti
(Friday & Saturday: 7am to 10am UK)

Sameer is a former actor and model. Born and brought up in Delhi, he moved to Mumbai to pursue his passion in the entertainment industry and got training from the “Roshan Taneja Acting School”.

20 years ago life brought him to London. A self-employed family with the passion for entertaining remaining forever alive, Sameer joined the world of radio, striving to keep his listeners locked and entertained with his jovial style.

Tune into Sameer’s show to listen to the latest Bollywood and Punjabi hit songs. On his show, not only will your mornings be bright, but you will also learn what is special about each day. Tune in to find out more!

Facebook: RJSameerSuri

Instagram: RJSameerSuri

Twitter: RJSameerSuri


Show: Let’s Love Life
(Sunday: 3pm to 6pm UK)

An actor, a presenter, an antakshari organiser, an event conductor, a fundraiser, a tutor, an accounts handler, Inderpal has worn many hats over the years.

Her passion for music and well-being led her to set up SmadFun, a social platform to combat mental stress. Her desire to help others led to the setup of PreciousMoments, a social fundraising initiative for school children in her hometown.

Now she has grabbed the opportunity to present on radio.

Tune into ‘Let’s Love Life’ with INDERPAL for a fun-filled musical roller-coaster.

Facebook: InderpalOhriChandel

Instagram: @inderpalohrichandel

Twitter: @inderpalohrichandel

Tiktok: @inderpalohrichandel


Show: Chandni Raatein
(Wednesday to Sunday: 9pm to 12am UK)

Born in Karachi, Chandni joined showbiz by chance. It took a lot of hard work but was worth it. As well as radio, Chandni has worked on television and her most memorable moment was the first time she faced the camera. She used to be a shy person but interaction with listeners and viewers gave her a lot of confidence. Chandni loves her work to bits!

Chandni’s favourite music includes bhangra, folk, ghazal, Bollywood and Lollywood from the 1940s till now.

CHANDNI KHAN turns the darkest nights into “Chandni Raatein” with her mix of Bollywood hits, chatpata discussion on fun topics, and sada bahaar songs…


 (Monday to Friday: 10am to 12pm UK)

Amar Grewal, born in Panjab, India and raised in Hounslow, is passionate about music. This love of Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi music led her into her 20-year career in the radio industry as a radio presenter. Amar has previously worked for Sunrise and Kismat radios.


Show: Happy Lively Moments
(Sunday: 12pm to 3pm UK)

Harshila is a well-known radio presenter who has worked on Sunrise Radio and Kismet Radio presenting Gujarati and Hindi songs with talks on recipes, kitchen secrets, health tips, interesting facts, riddles, shayries and Bollywood News. She has done voice-overs for radio and television commercials and has compered shows in Gujarati, Hindi and English.

Harshila is a qualified radiographer by profession who has worked in several hospitals in addition to working for her own business, “Suncrest Drinks.”

Harshila is a professional singer as well, having her own group, “Bansrimusic” specialising in Gujarati and Hindi songs, winning several awards. She has learnt classical music from well-known professional teachers from Pandit Jasraj Gharana and Monika Shah of Girjadevi Gharana and  has recorded her own music albums of wedding and other songs in India too.

Tune into HARSHLA RAJA’s show for a mix of happy classics and latest songs in Hindi and Gujarati along with interesting facts, health tips, riddles, poetry and Bollywood news.



Show: Sameen Sonaa Na
(Monday & Tuesday: 11pm to 12am UK)

Akhmed Sayeen has been in the media industry since 30 years, starting off at Art Asia Radio, Southampton. He is excited to join the exceptional team of Dhoom Radio and introduce a Ghazal program with a Qawwali touch for its lovely listeners. So do join him then with your requests and dedications.